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We are not your average graphics company. We want to be a partner in your growing business and to help you build your brand from the ground up. In addition to our awesome pricing and payment plans, PixelNerd offers everything a small business would need: from single graphics to comprehensive website, and advertising packages. We’re glad you came to visit us; we’re going to make sure you are well taken care of.

Forward Thinkers

We believe in making the branding process smarter—not harder. Even if we are starting from scratch, we can make sure we brand your business appropriately and strategically. The best way to arrive at the best possible outcome is to draw a map and follow it to your destination. We don’t have a mantra but if we did, it would include our best practices:


  1. Keep within the design theme of your business.
  2. Eye Catching designs for marketing
  3. Our client must love this product in the final stage.
  4. What elements work for your business
  5. What elements don’t work for your business

Customer Support

Our clients like us; they really like us. The team at PixelNerd has helped over 100 customers with their digital projects and we have never received a single complaint. We go way above and beyond for each and every client — because we like you too. The feeling we get when a client says “wow that’s amazing” or “you guys are awesome” is worth so much to us. Feeling the love makes our job that much better.

About PixelNerd

We originally started out as a company called Unity Graphic Design. Which was a great success . . .until we met the search engines. We are not perfect, and just like any other company our growth was a concern. All that is in the past. We have since teamed up with professionals in the SEO field who taught us about the alchemy behind the acronym. We came to the conclusion that Unity Designs was just not the right keyword-searching tool and that’s how PixelNerd was created. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to our business. We felt Unity Graphics was very rushed and poorly planned. We were so focused on our customers that we forgot about us. PixelNerd is a remix of the original concept. The only thing that remained constant was our commitment to our customers. No one realizes how hard it is to brand your own company until they have to do it. With PixelNerd, we took our time, and planned every single step, and over time created the company that we are so proud of today.

At this point with over 100+ customers we have never had a single complaint. This is the goal we strive so hard for, and so far it has been our greatest success.

  • Brand Strategy 85% 85%
  • Internet Marketing 75% 75%
  • Website Creation 80% 80%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%

We must be doing something right. Just ask these happy people:

I’m absolutely loving with the end result of my brand new logo’s. They were done exactly as my vision was! Great work, highly recommended! I Look forward to having more stuff done in the near future.
And a very friendly easy going guy might I add 🙂

Jessica Reed

Creative Product Designer, Accomplished Creations

Keith is a great, professional graphic artist and has taken our business to the next level. If you are debating whether PixelNerds services are worth the investment, don’t hesitate, it is worth every penny.

Jordan Lulich

Manager, LDTVA

I had a very positive experience working with Keith! He went above and beyond to work with me on creating something I absolutely love. Keith remained patient, enthusiastic, and ended up creating something that was better than I ever imagined! I am very happy with the results.

Scarlet Vargos

Fitness Trainer, Starlight Fitness

Have questions? Need a quote? Give us a call or leave a detailed message. We will be talking nerdy in no time at all.

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