Top FREE Canadian Directories

If you are looking to help increase your presence and page ranks online. Here is a great list of FREE Canadian sign up directories. Its always important to get your business contact info out to the internet. WARNING signing up for these will get you marketing calls to your business, and spam mails from companies. You can ask to be blacklisted on the phone calls and unsubscribe from the emails if you wish but there are a few of the companies such as 411 and yellow pages that offer SEO packages and AD campaigns that you can consider. In my eyes the marketing calls and spam emails are worth the SEO benefits you recieve from the free sign ups.



Sign Up for google my business. Use Google webmaster tools to geo locate your business.



Click Here is a step-by-step article which explains how to get listed on Bing.

Top FREE Canadian Directories 1

3. Yelp Business

Yelp is great for getting reviews and a very popular directory in Canada.


4. 411 Canada

More know for the phone service. But they also have a very large web presence.


5. Yellow Pages:

One of the most well know directories.


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