Making Your Website Work

Now that I have my website I’m going to make sales online right?

I get this question almost everytime we create a website. I hate being the bearer of bad news but the answer is no.

Having the website created is only the beginning to your journey with your online business. It is the first big step into the digital realm. A website should be used as a marketing tool. Meaning your website is the guts to your online marketing campaign.

“Where do I start? Is it going to be expensive? I didn’t plan this in my budget”

In my years of experience I have learned to inform all my customers as much as I can, especially when it comes to budget and what to expect. Diving into a website is not cheap by any means but it can be put on an affordable budget.

Focus on organic views. This is when customers find your website without the use of ads, just purely from the internet rankings. The higher you get in rankings the more you will receive clicks onto your website. The first thing everyone needs to know is this doesn’t just magically happen. It requires consistent blogging, and updates to your website. The more relavent information and up to date content you can provide on your website the higher chance you have for search engines to pull you up.

You will want to have an advertising budget set aside and included into your business plan . I’m not talking about mailing lists and outside advertising such as radio ads. I am speaking of digital campaigns such as Google ADs and social media. Depending on your niche Social Media may work extremely well for you and can be very affordable at only a few dollors per week. Google ADs however can vary greatly depending on the Keywords you choose and the amount of competition you are up against. I always reccomend to do Google Ads, as long as you have a great ad this can really generate a nice income. Remeber your ad has to be very precise and directed to target your exact market down to a tee. Webmasters do this for a living and I will always recomend there services. You want to optimize those pay per click ads such as Google so that you are getting a much higher lead rate vs bounce rates.

Making Your Website Work 1
Making Your Website Work 2

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Keeping your website up to date isn’t always easy either. It requires alot of time. This is also something to think about after your website has been created, or even better before you even start a website. Make sure you can dedicate time to this. In the long run this can save you alot of money that can go towards your advertising budget. Remember no one knows your business better then you know your business. So who better to write blogs for it? If you absolutely don’t have time for this, there are services that can do this for you of course at a cost. If you are looking for a cheap source use Fiverr to hire blog writes. You will be asked to supply the keywords you wish to use and maybe other small details. This usually takes about 3 days or so to complete but there are options to increase the time it takes to complete the project.

Making Your Website Work 3

To wrap everything up, all I can really say is be active on your website. I can’t stress it enough and I tell all my clients this. I realise the time consumptions it takes, but its the only way to keep a low budget and produce sales from your website.


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