Making Your Mark: Choosing Your Brand Logo

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Just ask Paul Rand, “one of the world’s greatest designers” who feels that “a logo is a flag . . . a logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.” So take some time to really think about the one thing you want your logo to identify about your company. Focus your message, because simplicity is also vital.

The visual argument inherent in your logo must reflect the core of your business. Ideally, your business logo will identify your company as a beautiful and unique snowflake, entirely apart from everyone else claiming to do the same thing as you. Everyone would love his or her brand to be immediately recognizable. Although above all, your logo should strive to inspire “trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority.” The talented team at PixelNerd can help you achieve this paragon of perception.

Points to consider when choosing your logo
There is a lot to be said for simplicity. Clean, well-designed logos are more effective than overly complicated, overly colourful images for a number of very practical reasons. You’ll also want to carefully consider the size of the logo. Avoid small fonts and fine lines because you want the logo to be easily transferable from web banners, to letterhead, to business cards, even desktop vs. mobile screens. Your business logo needs to scalable without getting blurry.

It’s cool to be square
It’s also cool to be square. Try to maintain a balanced aspect ratio so that the logo is not too wide, short, tall, or skinny. Some people are still shallow and will judge your logo based solely on its appearance. Do your best to fit in.

Make Your Mark: Choosing Your Brand Logo 1

Specifically with regard to printing it is better to have one or two dominant colours present in your logo because you simply can’t control who may be printing your logo. There are some customers who may only ever view your logo in black and white. Bold contrasts will always present well regardless of black and white printed copies. And you have the option of producing merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee mugs easily and more economically than a complex, colourful logo.

It’s always sketchy in the beginning
A good practice is to sit down and write out exactly what you want your logo to communicate and then work out a design that is capable of telling that story.

Never attempt to pack meaning into an arbitrary symbol. Work smarter — not harder. Only once you know what it is you want to say with your logo should you start sketching it out on paper or your iPad.

The digital architects at PixelNerd stay current on industry preferences and design trends so we can help you narrow down and refine your ideas into something great.


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